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NLP According to Spiritual Psychology

Spiritual psychology is an innovative branch of psychology that examines man as a whole as a system of high consciousness that unites body, mind and soul.

With the help of spiritual psychology it is possible to support dealing with various health problems (treatment does not replace medical advice or conventional medical treatment), it is possible to prevent the development of various types of diseases and strengthen the immune system and health in general.

The guiding principle of spiritual psychology is that everyone has all the resources and tools to help themselves and the treatment of the method only helps to remove the obstacles that stop us. This is what we know to do through spiritual psychology, who knows the method, knows how to turn pain into love and does not have to produce suffering - alchemy of the mind.

The goal is to bring about full synchronization between the thoughts, feelings and actions that will stand in the same line, the power of spiritual psychology is measured by the therapist's ability to lead the patient through healing on both the physical and mental levels and thrive in overall health.

A student of Bart Tan Berg and George Johnson in a seven-year internship program.

On the process

The process is a unique process that revolves around building a strong and stable foundation in the mental realm

mindset (in free translation into Hebrew - mindset or approach to life), through this base four more elements are built:

Nutrition - according to the principles of nutrition from different methods

Exercise - effective and efficient that maintains the body and health

Rest - the right and accurate way that the physiological system needs

Passion - an important element for completing the harmony between all the above parts

Adherence to the process leads to physical, mental resilience and thriving health.


We all face challenges and complexities in one or more life systems (family, relationships, money, work and career, physical and mental health, access to life, mood, leisure and hobbies, personal growth and development, social life, living environment)

We deal with feelings of fatigue, depression, anger, stress, pain, sadness, loneliness and our health absorbs and is damaged as a direct result of the emotional state of mind.


The process begins with an introductory session in which the pain and / or difficulty we face is raised - a diagnosis is made by conversation and movement (depending on the topic) - from the diagnosis we will understand the deeper level of difficulty - a customized treatment plan is built. The others.


Part of the automatic conduct of the subconscious is to avoid contact with pain, the same avoidance known as an ancient survival instinct such as "fight", "run away" or "freeze" in crisis and pain situations. Most of us respond to an instinctive response aimed at survival.

What was true in ancient times is no longer compatible with our age. Today we not only need to survive, we also seek to evolve. In order to overcome the basic desire to escape the pain or fight it we need a different experience, an experience that will prove to us that it is worthwhile and right to touch the pain, the pain can be a fuel for personal growth and development.

He who approaches and does not respond with fear of survival, discovers a new-old world. The real world. A world of transcendence through healing.


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